Q: How can I find a rapid review nursing journal that's indexed in Scopus?

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I'm a nursing doctoral student. I have to obtain an acceptance decision within 5 weeks for a relevant paper in order to discuss my dissertation. A lost a lot of time while I was trying to publish in an ISI journal.So, I don't have more time now. I need a rapid review nursing or education journal listed in ISI or Scopus and I can pay up to 500 US Dollars. Please reply as soon as you can.

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Since you don't have too much time on your hands, the best way to select a journal would be to use a journal selection tool such as Journal Guide BETA and Elsevier's Journal Finder. Since Scopus is an Elsevier database, you can find Scopus indexed journals through the Journal Finder. 

You can use these tools to find a journal that will be best suited for your article. These tools also give, for each journal that the search shows up, the average time to get to a first decision. Thus, you will also come to know whether any of the journals are suitable for your paper and will give you a decision within five weeks. 

However, beware of predatory or bogus publishers who lure authors with attractive assurances but are only looking to poach original ideas. You can use this checklist to ascertain that the journal is reliable before you submit your paper. 

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My case is similar to you but I need a journal in humanities or English literature and I am ready to $1000