Q: How can I relate my research hypothesis with previous studies as the hypothesis is my research gap?

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I have a moderator variable between two variables. X is the dependent variable (DV) and Y is the independent variable (IV). This is my research gap; no other studies have [been] done for this relationship [in this regard]. The hypothesis [was] tested statistically and it has been rejected. My concern now is: How can I discuss the finding of my research and find previous articles to go in line with my finding? FYI: This is my research gap and no such articles have been done [written] before.

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We get your predicament. A couple of other researchers have shared a similar challenge previously. If interested, you may go through their queries here:

Coming to your query, here’s what you can do…

Analyze and describe the impact of the moderator variable on the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Since, as you say, there are no extant studies that depict this impact, you can instead refer to other studies that have used the moderator variable in some other way – and explain why you chose to use that particular moderator variable. What led you to consider using it? What is its significance?

Further, you could try explaining how the hypothesis was arrived at (what other studies in the past led you to devise this hypothesis?) and what could be the possible reasons it was not statistically supported. These reasons could be explored in future studies.

As the Results and Discussion sections seem like they would more important for your paper now, you may refer to this article for pointers on writing these sections: The secret to writing the Results and Discussion sections of a manuscript

And for further help with your statistical analysis, you may wish to learn more about our statistical review service: Editage Statistical Review

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!