Q: How can I write a research paper based on my experience in cancer treatment?

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I am an Ayurveda doctor practicing cancer treatment for the past 23 years. And I have obtained good results. However, so far I've not presented or published any paper. Now I would like to preapare a paper on my findings in cancer treatment.

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You can either write a case report or an original research paper presenting your research. These articles will guide you on how to do this:

You can read both the articles and decide which would be more suitable for your research. Once you decide, you should read up published articles on your area of research and then write your paper. Our articles on manuscript preparation will help you in understanding how you should approach each section of the manuscript. You should then select a suitable journal and submit your paper. Since you practice Ayurveda, it might be a good idea to submit your paper to a journal that deals with alternative treatments for cancer, rather than mainstream medical journals.