Q: How do I cite an algorithm thought when developing a new algorithm?

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Whenever an algorithm thought needs to be cited to develop a new algorithm, do I have to annotate ([cite] the original literature) for the cited algorithm thought? Alternatively, is mentioning the name of the algorithm thought equal to a citation of the algorithm?

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Algorithms are not always copyrighted, but to be cautious, if you are using someone else’s algorithm in a paper that you intend to publish under your own name, it is advisable to cite the source of the algorithm. If your publisher has a specific style of citation, ensure you follow that style. In other cases, the author of the algorithm may prescribe the format in which they are to be accorded credit in any work that includes their algorithm. In such cases, follow the format prescribed by that author. It is also highly advisable to let the author of the algorithm know that you are using their algorithm in your research paper, and ask for prior permission to do so. If in any doubt, seek further guidance from your target journal.

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