Q: How do I create my own peer-reviewed open access journal?

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I would like to create an academic journal and have it indexed with ISI among others. Any resources to help me accomplish my goal?

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It is great that you wish to launch an academic journal. For this, you need to first identify a specific field and carefully select editorial board members to form a strong and impressive editorial board. You will then need to determine a scope for your journal and come up with the journal's editorial mission in consultation with the editorial board members.

Once this is done, you will need to formulate basic rules, author guidelines, decide on the number of issues per year, and either find a publisher or create your own website. Once all this is done, you can launch your journal. On successfully running the journal for some time, you can send in an application to get indexed in ISI or DOAJ. Always be transparent and follow ethical practices as this is the most important step to building a good reputation for your journal. 

Here are some resources that you might find helpful: