Q: How do I develop a PPT presentation on writing recommendations for research?

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During this pandemic, we are in a 'new normal' set-up. As a student, I need to comply with online requirements, and one of them is to have a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation about writing recommendations in research. My question is: what are the guidelines for writing recommendations [in research]?

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To start off, we have made some edits to your question as some parts seemed unclear. Also, yes, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted how we live and work in the near future, if not the long term. Many schools, colleges, and universities are slowly moving online, while some are in the process of doing so, depending on when their academic year begins.

Anyway, coming to your question, there are actually two queries, one about making PPT presentations and the other about coming up with guidelines for writing recommendations in research. Let’s take the second one first as that comes before developing the presentation.

Recommendations usually come toward the end of a research paper, in the Discussion section. They are an outcome of the findings of your study and are meant to provide solutions for the problem you are studying. So, in your case, you would need to first conduct the study, and then, based on the findings, write the recommendations. However, if you only need to talk abou how recommendations in a study are written, for that, you can conduct a literature search. Reading up on relevant documents will help you come up with guidelines for writing recommendations. Here are some articles on how to do effective literature and web searches.

For working on the presentation, you need to have an outline of the content and points you will talk about in the presentation. You need to have a short introduction, then maybe say why recommendations are important, and then, get into the actual guidelines. You could provide an overview of the guidelines on one slide, before discussing each guideline on at least one slide. You could end with a short summary. Working on PPT is actually quite easy, especially now that the tool provides easy options for choosing slide templates and designs. For more help on making presentations, you may refer to the following resources:

All the best with your study/project!