Q: How do I find out about famous doctors or scientists who lived around the Bubonic Plague?

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I can’t find famous doctors or scientists that lived around the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). Do you know of any famous doctors or scientists that lived around that time (1340s-1400s)? I am only asking for names. However, if you can provide more, that would be appreciated.

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Hello Eliezer – Welcome to the forum!

Yes, that would be a long time back in history, but still having resonance now, thanks to COVID-19. As your challenge is with search, here are some resources you may find helpful to improve your chances.

Apart from that, you may also wish to consider our literature search service. Find out more here: Editage Literature Search

Finally, we would also suggest sharing your query in our Facebook group for researchers/academics, Researcher Voice. There may be someone (or more) there who may be able to take you closer to the information you are seeking. Visit the group here: Researcher Voice

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