Q: How do I get permission to use one of your infographics in a presentation?

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I would like to use one of your infographics in a presentation that I'm giving to colleagues at my university. How do I get permission?

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Hello, John! Firstly, welcome to the forum. :-) And thanks for checking about using one of our infographics. We have reached out to you via mail for more details. We shall be able to guide you based on that.

For now, all the best for working on the presentation! If you are looking for tips/pointers on making presentations, you may find this course helpful: How to deliver an impactful oral presentation

Until the email…


Hello again, John! Thanks for providing us the details of the infographic you wish to use. So, if it’s one by Editage Insights, such as this one, you may go ahead and use it as it falls under the CC-BY license. However, if it’s by any other entity, such as a guest contributor (this example), an industry blog (this example), or even a different brand from within the organization (this example), all of which we have ‘republished’ with their permission, you will need their permission, and not ours, to use the asset.

Hope that helps. And again, all the best for your presentation!

Incidentally, if you need to have infographics created for wider dissemination of your research, you may look up Impact Science, our brand for research communication (also referenced above). Impact Science helps researchers share their published research in various ways, such as lay summaries, press releases, videos, and yes, infographics. You may learn more here: Impact Science / Researcher