Q: How do I get the acceptance certificate for my published manuscript?

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My manuscript was accepted and has been published online. Now, how can I get its acceptance certificate?

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Firstly, congrats on having your manuscript accepted and published! You must be feeling both relieved and excited. :)

Coming to your question, firstly, we presume you mean ‘acceptance letter.’ If so, an acceptance letter is usually sent by the journal, and it’s often auto-generated. So, you may have already received it. You can check your spam/junk email folder to be sure. If not, you may write to the journal requesting the acceptance letter. In case they say they’ve already sent it, you may say that it didn’t seem to have been delivered and it would be great if they could mail it again. We don’t think they should have a problem doing so.

Just one thing though. In case you are the sole author, you of course need to write to the journal yourself. But if you aren’t and someone else is the corresponding author, they will need to do so, as you’ll also find in this previous query: How can I get the acceptance letter for a paper which I have co-authored?

So, while you mail them and wait just a bit to hear from them and receive the acceptance letter, you may wish to think about how you can promote your published paper. Here are some resources to help you get thinking about this:

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Hope all that helps. Again, congrats on the acceptance!