Q: How do I indicate authorship affiliation after retirement?

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I have retired from academia. How do I now mention my authorship affiliation?

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Congrats on entering this new phase in life! It’s great though that you plan to keep contributing articles. You no doubt have much knowledge gained over the years that you wish to share for the benefit of others.

So, if you do not plan to be affiliated with any institution, but instead be entirely on your own, you can indicate your affiliation as an ‘independent scholar.’ If however you plan to be affiliated with an institution, such as in an advisory capacity, you need to mention the specific affiliation (association) with that institution. Also, if that institution makes a contribution of any kind toward any of the articles, you need to mention the institution’s contribution. Finally, you may also check with the particular journal that are submitting to for their guidelines around affiliation.

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All the best for this next phase in life!