Q: How do I write a review of an issue?

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There were spelling problems in a thesis.

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Your question wasn’t entirely clear. It seems you wish to review a recent issue of a journal as you detected spelling errors in a thesis or an article in the issue. If so, this has to be done in the form of a letter to the editor.

A letter to the editor is a short piece of communication typically commenting on a recently published article in the journal. It is reviewed by the journal and then shared with the author(s) of the article, who may respond to your letter. Both pieces of communication are published together – if the editor decides – in a subsequent issue of the journal. Sometimes, a letter can also be a study that the editor decides would be better as a letter to the editor rather than a proper journal article. This happens when the editor finds the paper to be interesting or novel in some aspects (such as the research question) but lacking in some other aspects (such as the findings). 

As you wish to write about spelling errors rather than the content of the article, the editor may decide not to publish the letter but rather to reply to you directly by mail. So, if you wish to increase the chances of publishing, it might help to write a letter reviewing the content of that or some other article.

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