Q: How do I write an outline for my research proposal?

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Once you have decided on a research project, the next step is securing funding for it. For this, you have to write a grant proposal or a research proposal. A persuasive research proposal can convince the grant committee that your research project is worth funding. Therefore, it is important to write a persuasive research proposal.


It’s great that you are beginning by creating an outline for the proposal. The best way to do this would be to list down the different sections that your proposal must include and note down key points that you will include in each section. Thus, when you write the final proposal, you will have a clear framework ready and will just have to elaborate on the pointers you put down under each section. This infographic lists 9 core parts your grant proposal must contain in order to increase your chances of getting funded. 

In addition we have some excellent courses and handbooks that will help you understand how to write a grant proposal. Do check them out:

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