Q: How do I write the background of the study for my topic about the validity of teacher-made tests?

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The background of your study has to set the context for the study. In your case, you might need to talk about the scenario(s) in which teacher-made tests are developed and conducted. Therefore, you need to provide the argument for these tests (vis-à-vis standardized tests). This can come from your knowledge and experience in the topic or field. However, to lend credence and support for your topic, you also need to do a comprehensive literature search in the area. Therefore, you will need to look up information such as whether other studies have been conducted in this topic (it would seem so), what those studies say about the topic, and what gaps (if any) do those studies leave that you may cover in your study. So, the background will need to talk about why you are studying this topic, and to an extent, how your study will differ from those so far, that is, what new information and insights it may possibly yield for the area.

The background is written in the Introduction section of the paper. You will need to cite relevant studies as you write the background. A final tip: It helps to write the background/introduction at the end of the study, after writing the remaining sections (Methods, Results, and Discussion), though if you wish, you may write a first draft and revisit it once you complete your study.

For more help with writing the background, you may refer to the following resources:

All the best for the background – and the rest of the study!