Q: How does one write an email application for a master's thesis or dissertation?

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A master's student is required to pursue their dissertation/thesis under a professor at any institution in the same country or abroad. For this, what are the various points one should keep in mind while writing the cover letter/e-mail application? What should be the length of such e-mails? Also, if one is asking for financial support for pursuing the thesis, how should they mention it in the email? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Mitanshu – Welcome to the forum! We’ve turned your query over to some of our PhD experts. Hopefully, you’ll hear from them soon.

Until then, you may go through this involving piece in our Researchers and Their Stories section on how this researcher went through several rejections before finally having their application accepted. There should be quite a few pointers there, and actual experience-based. Read the story here > MD/PhD applications: Rising above rejection

And although it’s not quite the same thing, we’d also like to share a piece on grant proposal writing, as it can be a similar exercise – psychologically and emotionally – to application writing, and also because you talked about funding. So, check out this piece > Writing an effective research grant proposal

Hope this helps for now. Until you hear from the others…


Hello again, Mitanshu. If it helps, you may also decide to pop your query in Researcher Voice, our Facebook group for researchers, academics, and scholars from across the world. There may be a few experienced PhD folk there who could help you out. Check out the group here: Researcher Voice