Q: How long does it take to review the revised manuscript?

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I received an email from the AE with a statement: "your manuscript be accepted under the condition that revisions are made". 2 reviewers comments were not serious. They suggested small changes. I submitted the revision with some changes 1 week before the due date. The status remained "revision submitted" for 1 week. I sent email to AE, then the status changed immediately to revision under review till now (about 1 week). I had a paper published in this journal 2 months ago. The revision review then was completed only 2 days after submission. Should I email the AE again?

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Thank you for your question. We understand that the journal will consider your manuscript for acceptance after making minor revisions and based on your previous experience you are expecting a quick decision from the journal. There are several factors that influence the time taken to come to a decision post submission of a revised manuscript. Generally, the decision process is much quicker in case of revision submissions compared to initial submissions but during this pandemic there can be a delay if the reviewers are currently not available to review the manuscript. We recommend waiting for at least 3 weeks from the time of submission to write to the AE again to check the status of the manuscript. 

Hope this helps. We hope your hear from the AE soon!