Q: How long does the 'Assigned Editor' status take after submitting a revised manuscript?

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I have submitted my review paper to one of the top journals of Springer. After two months of submission, I received a decision for major revision. Both reviewers asked me to add more literature and enhance the figures' quality. One of the reviewers also suggested revising for additional data. Through a letter to the editor, I sent the updated manuscript addressing all the comments raised by the reviewers. Since I resubmitted the manuscript over two weeks ago, the status has been 'Assigned Editor.' When can I expect the ‘Under Review’ status?

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Basically, what you wish to know is how long the review of the revised manuscript may take. We can’t give a definite timeline to this, but based on how your manuscript has been progressing so far, with two months taken for the first review and given that this is a Springer journal and that it’s been two weeks since resubmission, it may take another two weeks or so. However, it may be a better idea to drop a mail to the editor checking about this. They would be in a better position to respond to you.

In case you are wondering why it’s taking so long, again, that’s because it’s a Springer journal (which deals with multitudes of submissions) and perhaps also because the reviewers are presently busy with other manuscripts. As it was a major revision, the Associate Editor (AE) wants to probably send the revised manuscript to the same reviewers, who must presently be busy with other tasks.

Hope that helps. For a better understanding of journal statuses and for help in writing to editors, you may find the following handbooks helpful:

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