Q: ​​​​​​​How long should we wait if the current status of the manuscript is "Decision Started"?

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It’s been more than 2 months since I submitted my manuscript to a journal. Currently, the status is "Peer Review Over" and "Decision Started" since more than 15 days. Should I write to the editor or wait for a response/change in status?

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We understand your anxiety :-) However, the decision on manuscript acceptance depends on several factors, such as availability and responsiveness of peer reviewers and the extent of revisions recommended. Most journals typically take around 4-12 weeks to share their final decision. The “Decision Started” status implies that peer review for your manuscript has been completed and the journal’s editorial board is in the process of making a decision. We would suggest that you wait for another 2 weeks before writing to the journal for an update.

Additionally, for help with writing to the journal, you may find this handbook useful: How to communicate with the journal? Peer review comments, cover letter and more

The handbook is available from R Upskill, a sister brand providing learning programs for various aspects of a researcher’s work, including writing, submission, publication, and research promotion.

Hope that helps. And hope you hear from the journal soon!