Q: How long will my paper show the status "editor invited"?

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My paper’s status has been ‘editor invited’ for 2 weeks, but today the status date changed although the status still shows ‘editor invited.’ I guess they couldn’t find suitable editor now. In this case, 1) should I consider that the editor-in-chief couldn’t find a suitable person to review my paper? 2) And from what I know, to get a first response from journal it takes 30 to 35 days, then how much longer will it take for me? Also, what is a normal timespan for waiting like this. 3) In this case what results can I expect (advice from your experience).


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Generally, once a paper is submitted and clears the admin check, it is assigned to an Associate Editor (AE). The AE does an initial evaluation and either desk rejects the paper or sends it for peer review. The Editor-in-chief (EiC) does not look for reviewers. He or she just assigns the paper to an AE. Therefore, in your case, the search for reviewers has not yet started. It will start only once the AE takes over. Generally, it does not take too long to assign an AE. It is clear from the status that the EiC has invited an editor, but the editor has not yet accepted the invitation. However, the status date changing today could mean that the editor has replied to the invitation.

Regarding your second question, there is no hard and fast rule as to how much time a journal will take to get back to the author the first time. Generally, for papers that are desk rejected, one would expect a response from the journal within a month, but it varies from journal to journal. If your paper is sent for peer review, it will take much longer, anywhere between 2-4 months or even more. However, in case the same status continues for a few more weeks, you should send a polite inquiry to the editor.

It is impossible to predict the fate of your paper without seeing it: the results will depend on the quality of your paper and whether it matches the scope of the journal. 


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