Q: How should I craft the background of my study around auditing and education?

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My research topic is ‘Auditing as a tool for effective internal control systems in the education sector’. How should I craft the background of the study? My problem is whether to write information on education or auditing.

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We cannot help you with the details of your specific topic, but we can provide pointers. The background of the study should explain the ‘why’ of the study: why you are doing the study, what is its purpose, and what is its relevance or significance to the target population. The background comes in the introduction and provides the context for the study. The information for the background comes from the literature review. So, for your study, it would help to explore literature around the education sector; existing control systems in the sector, including internal, external, and hybrids (if present); how effective these are; existing tools that serve the purpose of control in the education sector; and finally, auditing as one such tool. Thus, as you can see, you will need to write both about education and auditing. As for the exact amount of information to write for each area, you will be able to determine that once you complete your literature review. For more information on how to write a background, here are some resources: