Q: How should I evaluate the reliability of a journal that has sent me a review invitation?

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I was invited by Journal of General Surgery to review a paper. There is an official homepage, but the other information is limited. I want to know this is a reputable journal and if I can do review work for it. How should I evaluate this journal?

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It is great that you are taking care to ensure that your journal is reliable before taking on review work. The number of predatory journals has increased in the recent years and it is best not to be associated with such journals in any way. 

To identify a reliable journal, you need to go through the journal's website carefully. The website should look professional, provide the full contact information, including address, of the publisher, as well as a list of the editorial board members along with their affiliations. Also, check if the website includes a clear description of the peer review process. Additionally, look up some of the previous issues of the journal to see if the quality of articles published is good. 

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