Q: How should I format my review article?

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Am a new researcher in the field of computer science and engineering. I have been given this topic to write a paper review: "A Review of threat models in big data environment." I need a guide as regards the report format in order to kick start with my research and presentation. Thanks.

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A review article should completely cover the past and current work on your topic of interest. These are usually organized based on themes or concepts. Before you begin with writing the review article, you will first need to consider what points you would like to cover and accordingly create the subsections. Typically, reviews include an abstract, an introduction, a literature review section, sometimes a methods section if you have specifics to include, and a discussion and conclusion section.

For more details on structure of a literature review, you may read the article: A young researcher's guide to writing a literature review. However, to be able to follow the norms within your field, it would be best to read other review articles, especially those published in your target journal. This will give you a specific idea of the kind of topics you should cover and also aid in your understanding of the current information in the field.