Q: How should I make corrections in the abstract after already resubmitting the manuscript?

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I spotted some language errors in the abstract after major revisions. How should I make corrections when it’s already submitted?

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It’s great that you are being so diligent even after submitting your revised manuscript. It’s unfortunate that there are some errors in the revised version. But it was in the abstract, which is an outcome of the main manuscript. So, you may have missed making the same changes here as in the manuscript. Also, it was a major revision, which means there was a lot you needed to look into. So, it’s ok/understandable. :-)

Note that as it was a major revision, it may come to you again for minor changes. So, maybe you could make the changes then. But perhaps it would be better to write to the editor now and let them know you spotted some changes and ask if you could fix them and resubmit. If they haven’t picked it up again for a final check, they might allow you to submit with the changes. If not, they might say that you could make them in the next/final stage, as mentioned above. Sometimes, based on if they have decided to accept it, they may also say that you could make it at the proofing stage. In any case, you could write to them and let them know. This will also communicate to them how diligently you are examining your manuscript even after resubmission, and also how eager you are to see it published. :-)

To help you be absolutely sure, we’ve shared a few resources below on ensuring you submit an error-free manuscript. While they may be more about the initial submission, they work for all stages of manuscript submission/publication.

Hope this helps. And all the best for taking your manuscript toward publication!