Q: How should I write a very polite email asking for a quick review?

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I am in AE ASSIGNED status after the journal submission. I would like to send a very polite email asking for a quick review.

After submitting the paper, the status of “AE Invited” and “Submitted” was repeated several times, and two months later, the status was changed to “AE ASSIGNED”. So, I would like to send an email to ask for a quick review very politely and earnestly. Also, want to ask if I can recommend a reviewer. It would be appreciated if you could help me with what English expression I can use in this email.

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Dear Author,

Thank you for your query! You can send an email along these lines: “Thank you for your work in having our manuscript peer reviewed. We have noticed that the submission status of our manuscript has changed a few times over the last few months, and would like to reiterate our interest in having our paper published in your esteemed journal. Please do let us know if we can provide any information or assistance to expedite this process. We would like to recommend XXXX as a potential reviewer for the manuscript and hope this recommendation will be helpful to the peer review of our work.”