Q: How should I write the author's insight for a review paper?

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The reviewer asked me to add the author's insight on the topic. What should I write?

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Hello Namita – Welcome to the forum. 

Your question shows the difference between a review paper and review of literature. Whereas a review of literature is a preparatory activity (preparatory to formulating a research question and preparatory to a dissertation or a thesis, for example), a review paper is a culmination of knowledge and understanding on a given topic – a state of the art, as it were – prepared by somebody who has not only seen that knowledge and understanding evolve but has also contributed to both over the years through research and publications. A review of literature calls for diligence and patience, whereas a review paper demands insights developed over time, which stem from mulling over the topic for years, working on it, keeping abreast of the work of others who have also been working on it, insights obtained from first-hand and close involvement – which is what the reviewer of your paper is probably looking for. Those insights, if you are able to provide them, will transform your contribution from a review of literature into a review paper.

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All the best for the revisions on your paper!

[With inputs from Yateendra Joshi]