Q: How can I apply for journal indexing?

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It's great that you are thinking of getting your journal indexed in a database. Indexing your journal will increase its visibility and availability for readers across the globe. This will in turn increase the readership and enhance the reputation of your journal.

To get your journal indexed in a database, you will first need to choose a suitable database. Here's how you should go about selecting a suitable database for your journal:

  • Find out which databases index journals from your field.
  • Go through the information provided on the webpage of each database about how the database works
  • Understand the features the database provides: some databases only index abstracts, some index keywords, while some others also include citations in their indexing system

Once you have a clear understanding of how exactly your journal will be visible and accessible to the user, you should be able to figure out which database will work best for your journal.

Once you have selected a database, you should find the application procedure on the website itself. You have to submit a formal application and provide relevant supporting documents as explained. Once you submit the application, it will be reviewed by a selection committee. If your journal meets all the required criteria, it will get indexed.

If your journal does not meet the criteria required for indexing, you may need to introduce some changes in your journal workflow to make sure that your journal is eligible. Note that you can get your journal indexed in multiple databases for more visibility.

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