Q: How to cite funding information?

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Thank you for your question. Note that the journal to which you are submitting to may have a specific format for citing funding information. We would therefore request you to use that specific format. However, we’ve listed two common formats for citing funding information:

Format 1: This work was supported by Institution 1 [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; Institution 2 [grant number zzzz]; and Institution 3 [grant number aaaa].

Format 2: This research was funded by NAME OF FUNDER, grant number XXX.

Irrespective of the format used, most journals will require the following information to be provided: specific grant numbers, initials of authors who received each award, full names of commercial companies that funded the study or authors, initials of authors who received salary or other funding from commercial companies, and URLs to sponsors’ websites.

Hope this helps. All the best for your submission.