Q: How to communicate with the journal if the EiC has resigned?

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I have submitted my manuscript to a scientific journal and got a decision of major revision. I have sent the revised manuscript, but the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) who was in charge had resigned. After that I got a decision of major revision again from the same EiC, though he should have already resigned. Then I have sent the revised manuscript again. It has been long time after the 2nd revision, but the EiC name and the status of the manuscript is unchanged at the editorial management system. I want to confirm if the review for my manuscript is getting processed or not, but how and whom should I ask for?

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You have not mentioned how you came to know that the EiC has resigned. Had he/she written to you mentioning that he/she will resign? If so, did the same email mention who would replace the EiC and from when? If no other information has been given, you can assume that the same EiC will continue for the time being. It is possible that the EiC will complete the decision for the papers that he/she has been handling before he/she leaves. From your question, it seems that the EiC has not yet changed. Once the change is complete, the journal will surely update its website. Till the time the name of the same person appears as EiC on the journal site, you will have to write to him/her for all your submission related queries.