Q: How to make an effective theoretical and conceptual framework of a research study?

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Our research title is about Facebook usage of Education students. I find it hard to relate some theories to our study about facebook usage.

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This is an interesting question; however, it requires the expertise of a subject-area expert. Additionally, since you will be conducting the research, you yourself would be the best judge of which theoretical framework would be most appropriate for the research questions you have in mind. To justify your investigation, you need to have a clear understanding of the relationship between what is being done on the topic currently with the thread of knowledge that led to the current investigation. 

To understand this, you will need to review the literature and information already published to understand the gaps in current knowledge in your field and also to identify the accepted methodologies and study design to address the questions at hand. A good place to start is by reading recent articles in related journals to understand how to go about this task. 

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