Q: How to request the editor-in-chief to appoint a new handling manager for me?

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I submitted a manuscript in November last year, and its status changed to "Under review" in December. The status remained unchanged for over 4 months. I've contacted the staff of Elsevier Author Support Center. They said that the manuscript only got one reviewer's comment and had no other reviewer. And they have contacted the handling editor twice for further action. However, the handling editor never responded. Thus, I want to ask for a new handling manager for my manuscript. However, I don't know if this requirement will be approved by the Editor-in-chief. What should I do?

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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing to us. We understand that you must be very anxious regarding the status of your manuscript.

We highly recommend you write to the Editor-in-Chief, explain the history of your contact with the Author Support Center staff, request the editor-in-chief to check and provide an update on the status of the manuscript as well the tentative timeline to complete the peer review.

We hope you receive a prompt response from the journal.