Q: How to write the Discussion section for a mixed-methods research paper?

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I'm doing a mixed methods research, and I'm having a hard time integrating my quan-qual findings and writing my discussion and implication section. I will appreciate any advice you could give. Thanks in advance.

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The Discussion section of a mixed-methods manuscript is not very different from that of a quantitative research manuscript. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that the interpretations of the data need to be synthesized in a way that they don't move away from or go beyond your data. This is a challenge researchers often face with mixed method papers. One way to do this would be to list down each of your interpreations separately and check whether your data supports it. 

In the Dicussion section, you can compare your findings with existing literature to show how other studies confirm or differ from your findings. As with any general paper, you should explain the limitations of your study in this section. 

You should also dedicate a paragraph or two to the implications the study has for policy or practice and directions for future research. Remember that your arguments should be based on the data that you have presented in the Results section. You should cite literature that suggests practice and policy changes in areas where your findings will be useful. While making recommendations for future research, you should take into account both your findings and the limitations of your study. If you can find one or two citations from the literature that address the need for more research in this area, you can include those as well.

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