Q: How to write a conference paper based on a journal article?

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My journal paper is still not published, and I would like to extract a conference paper out of it. So, what are the main sections to include and to eliminate? Thanks.

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Firstly, I am not sure about the exact status of your paper – whether by “still not published”, you mean it has just been submitted, is under review, or has been accepted for publication. I am assuming it has been accepted for publication. If so, you need to obtain permission from both the journal and the conference for presenting the paper at the conference. You will also need to cite the journal version of the paper in the conference paper.

Coming to extracting or adapting the paper for the conference, the conference paper will have the same structure and sections as the journal paper. However, for the conference, you may choose to focus more on certain sections, such as the findings and discussion. Additionally, as the purpose of a conference presentation is to involve and engage the audience, instead of talking about the discussion section entirely by yourself, you may wish to involve the audience more, such as through observations and questions they may have. Also, some researchers suggest “flipping” the format a bit – by presenting the results before the methods – in order to engage the audience early on. However, for the exact structure, sections, and length of each section to include, it would be best to also consult with your supervisor, especially as they would know the requirements and audience profile of the specific conference.

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