Q: How can I select fast publication journals in the field of surgical oncology?

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I have many manuscripts in the head and neck surgical oncology including thyroid. I need help about fast publication in pubmed journals. 

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There are many medical journals which offer rapid publication. However, if you plan to opt for rapid publication, please proceed with caution. There are many suspicious publishers who try to lure authors with the promise of publication success but are really more interested in stealing original ideas. To begin with, choose the right journal to avoid falling prey to predatory or bogus publishers

It is difficult to recommend a specific journal without going through your paper, but you can search for target journals on PubMed. You can type in the keywords and search for journal titles that match your requirements. However, make sure that you choose a journal only after thoroughly reviewing the information about the journal/publisher and evaluating the extent to which it is suited to the scope of your research. You might find our tips on choosing the right journal for your paper useful. You can use pubshub to find out the review timeline.

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