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By Editage Insights | March 29, 2014
Under Industry Opinion | 19,629 Views
Why climate change and polar research affects you and the rest of the globe!
Dr. Helle V. Goldman is the Chief Editor of Polar Research. She shares the importance of polar science, how to avoid mistakes during a journal submission, and what to consider when choosing a journal.
By Editage Insights | March 24, 2014
Under Industry Opinion | 35,176 Views
ORCID garners support from leading members of the academic community. Some regions are planning for national-level adoption. Laurel Haak discusses how ORCID is creating waves in scholarly...
By Editage Insights | March 11, 2014
Under Industry Opinion | 50,492 Views
Interview with renowned researcher Dr. Christiann Sterken
Belgian astronomer, Dr. Christiaan Sterken, Guest Professor at Department of Physics (University of Brussels), Emeritus Research Director at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research, and member of...