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Visual elements play a vital role in your research. They enable you to present complex data in a simplified manner that further allows readers to engage with your…
DOWNLOADABLE: [Downloadable] 9 steps to create an infographic
With the International Open Access Week over, we are here with a list of open access-related terms that will help you understand some of the basic terms and understand…
Did you know that often researchers are unaware that they are flouting ethical norms of conducting research? This infographic includes the most common ethical…
Several researchers find writing a good research paper a daunting task since few receive formal training in academic writing. However, it can be a rewarding process…
An infographic presenting an overview of the probable sequence of events leading to the emergence of COVID-19
This infographic offers a snapshot of the common diagnostic tests used for COVID-19.
This is an infographic summarizing the key aspects of COVID-19 epidemiology known so far.
An infographic summarizing the most important measures for controlling the spread of COVID-19
This article features infographics showing the results of surveys on how COVID-19 has affected researchers in Japan and Korea.  
This infographic provides an overview of what is known about five drugs currently being tested for COVID-19 treatment.