Peer Review Week 2020 is coming up - and we would like you to join us in all the great discussions around peer review!
Predatory author services are the newest avatar of predatory publishers, but with the same malicious intent: to deceive new, inexperienced researchers. With the backing of industry leaders like…
cOAlition S announces price transparency rules for publishers that will come into effect in July 2022.
An in-depth look at how preprints are helping accelerate research around COVID-19, including challenges and measures to overcome them
Springer Nature has committed to joining Plan S after cOAlition S announced revised guidelines for the implementation of Plan S. With this decision, Nature and Nature-branded journals will eventually…
New study by NCSU researchers examines network size and structure to show how false information can be quickly replaced by accurate information in digital and social media networks
University of California (UC) and Public Library of Science (PLOS) sign an open-access (OA) agreement to make it easier for the UC's researchers to publish in PLOS journals
Elsevier has removed one of the world's most highly cited researchers from its editorial board after investigations revealed he was engaging in editorial malpractices
Habits to help you be highly productive in your researcher journey
An in-depth look at the various personal attributes that make for successful researchers, including how renowned researchers down the years have personified these attributes