Q: Is American Journal of Entomology listed in Thomson Reuters?

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Hello Malkah – Welcome to the forum!

Firstly, the Thomson Reuters journal database is now known as the Master Journal List (MJL) since its ownership passed to Clarivate a few years ago.

Coming to your query, AJE is not indexed in MJL. We searched for it using the journal name as well as the two International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSNs) provided on their site (2640-0529 for print and 2640-0537 for online). When we used these ISSNs to search for it on the net too, we didn’t find it indexed in any other database, except as an ‘awaiting’ status in what seems like a questionable or low-quality indexing site.

This led us to the suspicion that this may be a predatory or bogus journal. So, when we sought to learn more about this, we found that there are articles on the net stating that both the journal and the publisher, Scientific Publishing Group (SPG), are predatory. One of the articles is by Jeffrey Beall, who had founded the Beall’s list of predatory journals earlier. So, the article and information in it are credible. You may read the article here. [You may also go through this previous query by another researcher about SPG: Is 'Science Publishing Group' indexed in Scopus?]

When we used our parameters to check too, we found that it ticks off several criteria for being identified as a bogus journal: no reliable information about its Editor-in-Chief (EiC), no further information on its editors and reviewers, links that loop back to the journal, and copy-pasted images of industry databases and affiliations. There are no photos at all of even one editorial member, and in fact, they are seeking EiCs! Yes, multiple and not just one. :-/ You may use this checklist to assess it for yourself: 10 Point checklist to identify predatory publishers

So, if you are considering submitting to the journal, you shouldn’t. To help you identify the right journals to target, you may go through this resource: How to choose journals for submitting your paper [Additionally, you may use our Journal Selection service.]

All the best for your submission – hopefully to a genuine publisher! :-)