Q: Is approval from authors necessary if I use some of their measurements in my methods section?

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The journal that I would like to submit my manuscript requests the guidelines for method used for research. In my case, I worked to measure for anxiety, notious, hope and used method of assistive measure, correction measure. They ask to get them agreed by contacting each author but I have no idea how to contact them and how to process. Should I collect all email address by all means and ask them whether it will be fine to use the measurements? I wonder which exatactly, needs to be disclosed and have any gudielines of email templete. 

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Generally speaking, if you use some other author's methods in the methods section, it is fine as long as you cite the source. Approval from the copyright holder (that is, the author or journal) is required only if you use tables and figures from other sources. I'm not sure why this journal has asked for permission from the authors. It is possible that this is a specific requirement in your field. Perhaps, you can ask your supervisor or a senior colleague in your field whether it is mandatory to take approval from the author for the measures you have used in your methods section. 

However, if the journal has specified that permission from authors is a requirement, it is better to write to the authors and ask for their approval. I think you should be able to find the emails of the authors online, but if you are in doubt, you can contact the journal where each paper was published and ask for the emails of the authors.