Q: Is Global Journal for Research Analysis (GJRA) indexed in PubMed or MEDLINE?

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As per the information on its site, GJRA is a monthly, double peer-reviewed journal based in India. Its Indexing/Abstracting page features the PubMed logo, indicating that it is either indexed in PubMed (which accesses the MEDLINE database) or has had its articles cited there. However, when we searched for the journal in PubMed, the result showed that it is presently not indexed in MEDLINE.

The Indexing/Abstracting page also has the logo for CrossRef, an international digital object identifier (DOI) registration agency. A search in CrossRef showed that it is referenced in the database. As it is India-based, we also searched for the journal in the UGC-CARE list, which aims to identify established, quality journals for publishing. However, there was no result for the journal there.

The journal does seem legitimate when you evaluate it by our checklist for identifying predatory publishers. So, it is perhaps not indexed in some of the world’s leading databases as it is a relatively young journal (having started in 2011) and will take some time before it acquires greater repute. All the same, if you are looking to submit to the journal, you may check for its quality yourself before proceeding.

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