Q: Is it ok to make conference presentations on my research before the manuscript is submitted?

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Can I present my unpublished research at more than one conference (both domestic and international)? I have found that the same contents are presented several times at the different conferences in similar fields. Is there any rule to be followed?

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You can present your unpublished research at multiple conferences. As long as the research is not published, you have no restriction in presenting it elsewhere. However, you should avoid publishing the abstract as part of the conference proceedings. Although it is acceptable to develop a conference abstract into a full-fledged article and submit it to a journal, it could be a problem if you publish similar abstracts in multiple conference proceedings. Presenting the same research at different conferences is fine. However, make sure that the title of your presentation is slightly different. Additionally, don't use the same slides for multiple conferences. Ensure that you make a few changes each time you present. 

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