Q: Is it okay if I missed the chance to have my paper published earlier but am doing so now after paying the fee?

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Earlier, my paper was accepted by a journal. However, I was not able to get it published due to personal reasons. So, the final date of confirmation passed. Later, I submitted it again to the same journal. Is it okay to do so? I had to pay some publication fee that was not paid the first time. Therefore, I resubmitted so that I could get the confirmation again and pay this time.

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Your question was not very clear. So, we have edited it for enhanced clarity. If however you feel that the meaning has changed, feel free to let us know.

So, let’s see if we have grasped your query. Your paper was earlier accepted by a journal. Due to some personal reason, you were not able to pay the publishing fee then. So, you resubmitted the paper and have paid the fee now.

Based on the information provided here, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. Firstly, your paper was accepted, which is a good thing. So, congrats for that! Also, while you missed the chance to publish after acceptance, you got the chance again. So, in a way, you haven’t missed the publishing opportunity, only a little bit of time. :-)

However, you haven’t provided the details of the submission and review process at the journal. If the paper was accepted without any review (and this is not a reflection of the quality of your paper), you may wish to check the quality/legitimacy of the journal. That is, it may be a predatory/bogus journal, which would aim to exploit you of your money. Here’s a checklist you can use to differentiate between genuine and fake journals: 10 Point checklist to identify predatory publishers

If the journal passes this test, then again, you are in a great place. Your article was accepted, and despite what seemed like a lost chance, you regained it, and will soon see it published. So, time to celebrate!! :-)

Now, while you think about the celebration, and before you think of your next paper, you may also wish to think about how you can publicize the present paper – to help reach more researchers. If so, you may go through the following links to know more: