Q: Is my paper likely to be rejected if the status changes are quick?

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I have submitted my paper to an open access journal. The status changed to “Under review” in 10 days and again changed to “Reviews received” within another 2 weeks. 10 days have passed since then, but I haven't yet been informed of the decision.

I have ever heard that in general, the decision and notification is prompt if the result is rejection. I am anxious about how the editor is thinking.

In this situation, which consequence can be expected from your experience? Your opinion would be appreciated.

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The decision is prompt in cases of desk rejection, that is, rejection without peer review. But in your case, since the status changed to "Under review" and then to "Reviews received," it seems that your paper has been sent for peer review. If that is the case, your paper has definitely cleared the initial editorial screening and no longer stand the risk of being desk rejected. Thus, I feel you can be hopeful.

However, having said that, one cannot really be certain because some journals display the status "Under review" even for the initial editorial screening. Hopefully, the next status change will make things clearer for you.

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