Q: Is my research paper likely to get accepted, and can I email the editor to ask about the decision?

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I have submitted a paper to a Springer journal. Expected number of days for first decision is 74 days. It's been more than 74 days now. After submitting the paper, statuses changed as follows: Submitted to journal > With editor > Decision in process> With editor. These changes occurred within 10 to 15 days after submission.

1) Are there any chances for my paper to get accepted?

2) I couldn't find the mail id in my login for sending a query. In that case, what should I do? How can I mail them about the submitted paper?

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From the status changes, it seems that your paper might be rejected. A direct "Decision in process" status without peer review usually indicates a rejection. However, if all these status changes occurred within the first 10-15 days, it is strange that it is taking so long to convey the decision to you. Yo should send an inquiry to the journal immediately.

You should be able to find the option to send an inquiry on the online submission system itself. You might not find a mail id, but there will definitely be a form where you can write your query and submit. It will automatically be forwarded to the editorial assistants. 

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Answer: thank you!!!