Q: Is my research topic good enough or do I need to change it?

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I am confused about my research topic. My topic is "Eating manners in Islam and their benefits on health​, children motivational preferences." This is based on some literature reviews I got from books and articles but I think it not enough to a holistic approach.

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It is difficult for me to assess whether this is a good research topic as I have no idea about your field of research and areas of interest. A subject matter expert would be the best person to guide you about this. You can consider asking your supervisor or a professor. However, before you do that, here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to find out whether your topic is good enough.

  • Does the topic really interest you? Your research topic  should be something that that interests you immensely. This will keep up your motivation throughout the process of writing the paper.
  • Will this topic produce useful information? If the research you are conducting does not produce insights that people will find useful, you will not get an audience for it. It should at least be useful to people interested in this issue.
  • Is it practical to work on? Will you find enough data or evidence to prove your point?
  • Is it original? The topic should be something that has not been addressed before, or if it has been dealt with in previously published works, it should add value by providing some new perspective.

If you feel your topic has all of these qualities, you can go ahead with it; else, you might consider modifying it to make sure it is unique and interesting. Hope this helps!

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