Q: Is SN Applied Science an SCI or a non-SCI journal?

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Also, what will be the expected impact factor (IF)?

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SN applied science is an ESCI or scopus indexed journal. Not SCI. It's expected impact factor should be around 1.


Firstly, we understand you meant ‘SN Applied Sciences’ (rather than ‘Sciences’), and so, have made this change.

SN Applied Sciences is an SCI journal, or technically, an ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index) journal. The term or index ‘ESCI’ is used (by Clarivate’s Master Journal List, or MJL) to denote a new journal that nevertheless has managed to establish a certain standard of quality. The journal is less than two years old (having been launched in January last year), so it doesn’t yet have an IF. The ‘expected IF,’ as you ask, is likely to be good as it’s a Springer Nature journal (explaining the 'SN' in the name) and on MJL’s ESCI. However, we would not wish to predict the exact IF, which would be calculated and announced within the initial months of next year.

If you are thinking about submitting to the journal, you could go ahead, because the IF may well be out by the time the manuscript is published (if it’s accepted). If you are still not sure, you could discuss this with a senior/supervisor and even write to the journal editor about when the IF is likely to be released.

For further help with understanding the IF and journal selection, you may find it helpful to go through the following resources:

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