Q: Is the International Precision Medicine Conference reliable?

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I received an email with the subject line “Invitation to Speak at International Precision Medicine Conference 2020 Baltimore | USA.” It includes a template that requires me to attach a face photo to register an abstract. Would it be suspicious? The society site looks decent. Is this conference to be held actually?

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I am not sure which stage of your career you are in. However, I would be suspicious of any conference that invites me to be a speaker if I am an early-career researcher. Generally speaking, only well-established researchers from a particular field would receive such an invitation from a reputed conference.  Like predatory journals and publishers, predatory conferences are also on the rise now, so please be very careful and conduct a thorough background check before you submit your work to such a conference.

I looked up the conference site, but although it looks decent as you said, I'm not really sure of the quality or the kind of experience it would provide. Some of these fake conferences are often held in small venues with a handful of audience. Such conferences are not really worth your time and money. Please use the resources below and also check with senior colleagues in your field before submitting your abstract to this conference.

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