Q: Is The Journal of Knee Surgery by Thieme predatory?

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I am planning on submitting my manuscript to The Journal of Knee Surgery published by Thieme, but I cannot get to the exact submission page. Also, there are only advertisements on the website. Is this journal authentic?

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It’s great that you are being so watchful about the journal you are submitting to. However, to rest your doubts, both the journal and the publisher are authentic. Thieme has been a renowned international publisher for over 125 years and the journal too has been published for many years now. Yes, they do have ads on the home page, but these are mostly for Thieme itself or for their partners. As for accessing the submission page, you’ll probably need to first register (in case you haven’t) to be able to submit.

So, you can go ahead and submit without a doubt. If you still have issues submitting though, you could contact them using the details provided on this page (for individual customers).

Hope that helps. As you are about to submit, you may find it useful to go through these resources:

Additionally, you may find this checklist (to indicate predatory journals) helpful: 10 Point checklist to identify predatory publishers

All the best for your submission!