Q: Is the journal with the ISSN 2572-665X indexed in ISI?

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Hi. I published my article in a journal with the ISSN 2572-665X. I wonder whether or not it is indexed in ISI. Thanks a lot.
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Firstly, congrats on your article getting published!

Coming to your query, technically, the journal has an eISSN, rather than an ISSN, as it seems to be an online-only journal. The journal, published by Taylor and Francis (T&F) with the complete name Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, is indexed in the ISI / Web of Science Master Journal List (MJL). It is indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). You may search for it using either the eISSN or the journal title on the MJL home page here.

In case you were concerned whether or not you had published in a quality or SCI journal, worry not. As we just shared, it’s indexed in MJL and is published by T&F, which is a reputed scientific publisher. So, your paper published in a good place. :-)

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Anyway, congrats on your paper again! And the very best for your next milestones!


Thank you a lot.

i submitted my article in 1 May and it published in 17 Sep.

given this journal is a ESCI journal. Is this journal a valid journal? and i can use this article to Apply for Continuing education given it is an ESCI Journal and without IF?


You are welcome, Mohsen. Incidentally, four-and-a-half months is a pretty decent time from submission to publication. So, kudos there too. :-)

So, you have a couple of additional queries. Yes, as mentioned earlier too, this is a quality/valid journal from a reputed journal. 'ESCI' does mean a quality publication, as it says on the Web of Science site here: "Emerging Sources Citation Index contains quality publications, selected by our expert in-house editors for editorial rigor and best practice at a journal level."

We can’t respond to the part about applying for continuing education as that would most probably depend on the rules and regulations of the institute you are applying to. But if you mean to ask whether the paper adds to your academic credentials, that would be yes. It's a paper published in a reputed journal indexed in a universally recognized database in a quality index. As for the journal's impact factor (IF), while that doesn't seem to be available on the site, it is available on a research-related site, as you can see here. As per this site, the journal has an IF of 0.89, which might seem on the lower side, but the journal is meant for a somewhat regional (Australasian) audience. If still not sure of the IF, you could of course write to the journal itself.

Hope that helps. And now, all the best for your continuing education application!