Q: What must be included in a keynote address? Should references also be included?

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I have to present a keynote address at a scientific conference with several sub-themes on universal health coverage. Must I say some thing on all the sub-topics? Should l include references?

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Congratulations on being selected for presenting a keynote address!

A keynote speech sets out the central theme of the conference and is often looked forward to. It sets the mood for the event and must be inspirational. You can start preparing your speech by identifying the purpose and the audience of your speech. You can include personal experiences and anecdotes in your speech and align them with the theme of the conference.

I’m not sure about what you mean with including references. If you want to mention a research paper in your speech, you can say something like: “A paper titled ‘………’ published in X journal…” and continue with what you wish to talk about that paper.

Remember that a keynote speech has to be quite personal and really motivating. You can use humour and wit to make your speech interesting and engaging.

All the best for your speech!

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