Q: What does it mean if the status is 'under consideration' for two weeks?

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Recently, I have submitted my manuscript to a peer reviewed journal (Wiley). It has been almost two weeks since the status is showing under consideration. Does it mean my manuscript has a chance to be sent for peer review? Can you just throw some light on the process? I am very new to research and this happens to be my first paper. Just very anxious!!

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Once a paper is submitted to a journal, it is assigned to a handling editor who conducts an initial screening of the paper to see if it meets the basic requirements of the journal. Usually, if there is a desk rejection, it happens quite soon, within the first few days. However, if the status has been showing “under consideration” for a long time, there is a possibility that the editor is trying to find peer reviewers for the paper. Of course, one cannot be sure, but I think your paper stands a fair chance of being sent for peer review.

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Dear RamKumar, 

I am also in the same stage. The status is under consideration since submission for 3 weeks. Please update if any progress or more information regarding these journals.