Q: How to write a cover letter for my submission?

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I am about to submit a medical case report and have no idea about what the cover letter is and how it is different from the title page. In the title page, I have put the title and author information, but I don't know about how I need to compose the cover letter. 

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The title page of an article, thesis or any other written work is the first page of the work which displays its title and author, as well as other information. A cover letter is a letter or email that introduces your submission to the editor. 

Most journals require that a cover letter be submitted along with each manuscript submitted for publication. An effective cover letter should include a brief summary of your findings and a small paragraph on why you feel the study is suitable for the journal and its target audience.

Here is a template that you can use to write a cover letter:

Dear Dr./Ms./Mr. [insert the editor’s name],

I would like to request you to consider the attached manuscript entitled [insert manuscript title] for publication in [insert the journal’s name] as an original article.

While many studies have investigated the [briefly describe the existing state of knowledge on the subject], I have not come across a paper that deals with [the subject/theme/topic of your study]. We conducted [brief description of methods] and came up with [give a brief overview of results]. I feel that [why your research is important and what future direction it might offer].

­­­­­I believe that the findings of this study are relevant to the scope of your journal and will be of interest to its readership. I have provided tables summarizing the findings. If required, the entire data can be made available as supplementary information [optional/only if applicable]. Do let me know if you wish to have a look at them.

This manuscript has not been published or presented elsewhere in part or in entirety, and is not under consideration by another journal. There are no conflicts of interest to declare. [Alternatively, if you have conflicts of interest, you should mention them here].

 I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your name]

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